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You found Jesus? (insert bourbon)

A few years back – someone I looked up to asked me with a snarky demeanor – “Looks like you found Jesus?”.  I said as clear as I could (cutting through my Jim Beam + coke for sugaring induced lisp) – “I didn’t know I’d ever lost him.”

Faith waivers. People change, mouthed words change, and yes – the meaning behind words change.  At least that’s what I’d like to think Jesus would say to anyone he crossed paths with, because he’s supposed to know us better than we know ourselves. And I know me – I’m full of crap sometimes. We all are, and we all fall short when it comes to making nice with each other from time to time.

That’s how I feel about life & mistakes. If the sentiment is not the same, I can’t change you. But I can love you.

Some people seem unreachable through their crusty exterior and general shell of numpty num-num. Life is all about how they have been wronged, and how you are part of that problem. It’s about what you don’t do, and how when you do it – it’s all wrong. You’re the scum of the earth. The scum on the scum of the earth.

Today I am loving you for absolutely no reason. Together we are a better version of what we are separate. I love, and I accept us – unconditionally

Today I challenge you all to do one thing, and repeat it to yourself as needed to make your day smoother :

Today I am loving you for absolutely no reason. Together we are a better version of what we are separate. I love, and I accept us – unconditionally.

Now sit back, relax – and wait for it. And keep waiting. Because the idea here is not an external reward. It’s unconditional love, that no matter how tough you are – you have to offer. This isn’t just to make you feel better, this is to show you that can and are fully capable of giving something away – even when your chips might be down.

It’s meant to show yourself unconditional love too, and release you from any  non-compliant-dark-life-force-sucking reason that is holding you back from doing so.

Consider this, and give it time to really sink in :

You might not feel you are a bundle of joy to love – but you feel you do have a bunch of love to give. Here’s the really cool part :

  • You ARE NOT perceived by others that truly love you – as unlovable.
  • You ARE perceived by those that love you AND those that do not – as loved or lovable by someone.

Interesting. Proof that the door for love is always open.

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