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Generation X – The Last of The Republicans

Generation X is loosely coined as the generation of people born between 1966 and 1976. I was born in 1974, which makes me an internet relic – living during ancient times of postal letters, rotary phones, and high stakes break-dancing battles. (word out to the Binghamton Breakers)

Over the last 20 years, I’ve noticed a trend of liberalism and socialism in our country that doesn’t bode well with any level of conservatives. It seems our society is getting more and more used to hand outs. The “American Dream” is winning Idol and the minimum required pay to keep employees off the street in protest is $15 an hour.

Enter the Republican shift of 2014.

It seems our society is getting more and more used to hand outs. The “American Dream” is winning Idol and the minimum required pay to keep employees off the street in protest is $15 an hour.

I think what we are seeing here is a trend of weary and battered hard-working citizens of Generation X that are tired of carrying a very unrewarding load. I say unrewarding because people are not undeserving. There are legitimate people in our society that need care and extra services. It’s unrewarding because not enough of the receivers are giving back to the system that is sustaining them. They don’t appreciate or understand the temporary reprieve they get from our government, and view it as an entitlement. I see it right here in my backyard.

As a lifetime Republican, I clearly see a diluting variant of the party emerging in our younger generations. They support our military but do not support increasing our military spending on much-needed programs.  They support smaller government, so long as it results in a trickle down of economic rainfall. The newest Republicans are becoming more… opportunistic. And I don’t mean in a good way.

Rand Paul for President anyone? (insert sarcasm note here)

I called this article “Generation X – The Last of The Republicans” because I feel many of the fronts that should be held are slowly being chipped away and have been for some time. The GOP that our children and their children are going to learn about is being diluted with the opportunistic grabs of Republicans and later alignment of their constituents. Reaganesque speeches are great, but we need to firmly plant some tradition back into the core of the party. In order to do that, I think taking control of the White House is a must for 2016.

The first steps of any Republican candidate for President should be to declare their intent on three subjects and the rest will fall in line : Reframing ObamacareImmigration Reform, and Jobs. Foreign policy will be a close fourth.

I mention reframing Obamacare over repealing because the program has done good for many people – and repeal will cause undue hardship for many. This can be addressed with a Republican backed healthcare initiative and then ultimately repealed.

What say you?

You found Jesus? (insert bourbon)

A few years back – someone I looked up to asked me with a snarky demeanor – “Looks like you found Jesus?”.  I said as clear as I could (cutting through my Jim Beam + coke for sugaring induced lisp) – “I didn’t know I’d ever lost him.”

Faith waivers. People change, mouthed words change, and yes – the meaning behind words change.  At least that’s what I’d like to think Jesus would say to anyone he crossed paths with, because he’s supposed to know us better than we know ourselves. And I know me – I’m full of crap sometimes. We all are, and we all fall short when it comes to making nice with each other from time to time.

That’s how I feel about life & mistakes. If the sentiment is not the same, I can’t change you. But I can love you.

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